Alpine Splitfest - 3rd Edition

19. - 21. February 2016

Kandersteg / Switzerland

This is Alpine Splitfest


The goal of the festival is to provide testing possibilities for people interested in splitboarding, to unite splitboarders and to go on tours together. Moreover, the founders want to sensitize the riders to ecological aspects and safety matters. Next to the main programme of testing material on tours,  other side events like live concerts, BBQ, DJs, film presentations and speeches of experienced splitboarders will take place.


More people need more space


As the Alpine Splitfest keeps on growing, we had to come up with a better solution in terms of space. This is why 2016 is going to be different....


The Gemmi Lodge is the perfect place for everything: test, eat, party, sleep, repeat! Welcome back in Kandersteg!


Be ready for one of the biggest splitboard test all over Europe! We offer you 3 days of testing the latest gear, guided tours, a moonshine tour under the stars of the Bernise Alps and last but not least the opportunity to dance your ass off to the sound of The Fabulous Gipsy Dicks! Enjoy another weekend filled with good people, some serious split activity and live music!



We thank our partners and sponsors for their valued support!



To all the winter-lovers out there: Kandersteg is the place to be! The festival takes place in the middle of the impressive setting of Kandersteg’s mountain-world and adjoining to the UNESCO Wold Heritage.



The chosen area offers countless possibilities to go on tours, which are being treasured by mountaineers for years already.

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